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12 April, 2017

Atelier de réflexion sur les coopératives agricoles en Tunisie
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6 April, 2017

Agricultural co-operatives in the Mediterranean
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Public Private Dialogue in the Egyptian Grain Sector

Wheat is essential to Egypt.  It accounts for over 60 percent of imported grains in a country that imports more grain than any other.  Grown as a winter crop, it occupies nearly half the winter crop area. It is a fundamental part of Egyptian culture and a strong contributor to national food security. Almost two thirds of the total wheat supply is used to produce baladi bread, which is heavily subsidized by the government . Egypt is the largest wheat importer in the world.

EBRD and FAO are facilitating public-private dialogue to improve the policy and regulatory environment in the Egyptian wheat sector.  In 2014,  a wheat sector review in Egypt was conducted in order to understand the full set of challenges facing the sector and identify opportunities for enhancing policy dialogue and technical assistance in the country. The review highlights a number of areas that could benefit from an exchange of expertise between the public and the private sector. Most of them relate to the bottlenecks in the system of purchasing both domestic and imported wheat, and problems with the quality and efficiency of storage.

The objective of the project is to increase private sector participation in Egypt's grain sector. the project is contributing to establishing the base for more effective and proactive public-private policy dialogue in Egypt's grain sector. 

Technical consultations are an essential part of this ongoing project.  The first workshop on inefficiencies in the wheat import chain was held in Cairo in June 2015.  The findings and recommendations of the wheat sector review were discussed and consensus was reached regarding the necessity for joint public-private sector action on inefficiencies in the import chain (such as regarding lowering inspection costs, tackling redundant inspections or improving data transparency).  Another technical consultation was held in September 2015 on phytosanitary measures in grain imports. 

Workshop on phytosanitary measures in grain imports, September 2015
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Agenda en PDF download
Import verification- O. Sosa, International Plant Protection Convention en PDF download
Pest risk analysis, the new guidance- A. Peralta, International Plant Protection Conventio en PDF download
Weed risk assessment - Dr Hassanein, Weed research laboratory en PDF download
Workshop on Improving the Wheat Import Supply Chain, June 2015
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Agenda en pdf download
SGS grain inspection ability - O.Onischenko, SGS Ukraine en pdf download
Wheat Sector Issues in Egypt – Opportunities for Dialogue- P. Talks, FAO en PDF download
Useful resources
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Egypt: Wheat Sector Review en pdf download
GIEWS Egypt Brief en URL download
Infographic en pdf download
Securing the future of Baladi Bread Conference, May 2016
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Conference website en PDF download
Media Coverage en PDF download