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26 February, 2019

Huile d’olive tunisienne: Libérer le potentiel grâce au développement de la chaîne de valeur
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26 February, 2019

FAO/BERD, Programme d’appui à la filière oléicole tunisienne
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Investing in Efficiency: Water Along the Food Chain in Jordan

Investing in Efficiency: Water Along the Food Chain in Jordan
Water scarcity is one of the biggest problems that Jordan faces - and the agriculture sector is the most significant consumer of water. Winter vegetables and fruits from the Jordan Valley are the country's main agricultural exports, and are also wholly dependent on irrigation. Meanwhile, the processed meats value chain, and in particular the poultry industry, stands out as a chain that has developed rapidly in recent years and still has notable potential for growth. These value chains represent two of the most important contributors to the agricultural sector in economic terms and have already achieved relatively high water efficiency, yet there is potential to improve water productivity and overall competitiveness.

On 12 March 2014 the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), together with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) is organizing a roundtable discussion to identify the best ways to improve water efficiency and productivity in the agricultural sector of Jordan and beyond.

Discussions will be based on the initial key findings of a scoping report centered around value chain analyses of the two highlighted food sectors and other important areas where private and public sector investment related to water efficiency can boost agricultural production and trade. Voices from the public and private sectors and international audiences will contribute to identifying key bottlenecks in the value chains, understanding why there is not more investment in water productivity for agricultural production, and determining the roles of different stakeholders. This conversation will ultimately orient EBRD's future investment in the country with regard to water efficiency and productivity.
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