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Sustainable Small-scale Agriculture for Inclusive Development in Near East and North Africa

Regional Initiative
In the Near East and North Africa, more than 80 percent of agricultural production is provided by small scale agriculture. Despite its enormous contribution to food security and to rural economy, small scale agriculture faces constraints that hinder its productivity. This Regional Initiative aims to reduce rural poverty by promoting inclusive small scale agriculture, increasing access of smallholders to social protection, rural services and markets, strengthening the capacities of producers’ organizations and promoting youth employment and sustainable value chain development. Specific activities include: developing tools for capacity building related to agribusiness, food value chain, market linkages, access to rural services and investment; technical and managerial support to promote inclusive, efficient and sustainable agrifood chains; disseminating innovations; strengthening producers’ associations; developing farmer field schools; and supporting the expansion of agriculture employment, in particular for youth, the integration of social protection in agriculture and the extension of social protection to rural workers.